Quantar V.24 Interface Board

We have taken the idea of a cheap and easy to obtain V.24 interface board one step further. The board size was chosen to stay just under 25 cm² to be within the limit of the lowest price option from many cheap PCB manufactures. A RJ45 socked is used to have a easy to obtain connector, same pin-out as on the original board of course. The relay as part of the clock in/out selection is not needed if a Cisco router is used, in this case a fixed clock in configuration would work just fine, but to encourage experimentation and also support in cabinet connections to a Astro-Tac comparator for example, the necessary components are there.

The project is open source, all necessary files can be downloaded here

V.24 PCB

Known issues / planed improvements

  • PCB version that utilize the internal + – 9,6 V ?

A big thank you to all the fellow P25 enthusiasts that did an amazing job on reverse engineering the protocol used by the Quantar and made Quantar linking via IP a real thing. Also thank you to the p25.ca user kayfox, he published the first version of a V.24 replacement board.

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